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Artistic competency

In my previous post I shared ideas on achieving technical competency with a camera. Once those basics are understood well, a photographer can move onto the next step – artistic competency.
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Technical competency for photographers

In my last post I introduced the notion that being a competent photographer is analogous to a 3-legged stool. In this post we’ll dive deeper into the first leg of that stool – technical competency.
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On being a competent photographer…

I’ve been thinking and reading a lot lately about the idea of competence as it relates to photography. From my point of view, being a competent photographer is like a 3-legged stool. In this post I’ll give a broad overview of what I consider the required elements or disciplines of competency, and will follow up...
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The best camera to have…

There’s an old saying in photography: “The best camera to have, is the one you have with you.” I’ve always taken that saying to be a photographer’s version of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” There are times when I’m out shooting with just my camera and a single lens....
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Snapshots vs photographs

When I started in photography – or more accurately, when I “started taking pictures” – I was all about capturing the moment. I have taken hundreds (maybe thousands) of snapshots in my life. I saw bright colors, or an interesting building, or a flower – I just had to take a snapshot. But when I...
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Never, never, never give in…

For a site that is supposed to be all about photography, it may seem odd for the first blog post to be based off a quote from the Sir Winston Churchill…but this quote is a big part of why this site exists in the first place.
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